CCBA®/CBAP® Exam Preparation Live Online Extended

Want to make sure that you are ready for the CBAP® exam and increase your odds of passing it on the first try?

This comprehensive workshop will prepare you for the Certified Competency in Business Analysis (CCBA®) or the Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®) exam and help you make the most of the limited study time you have. The course was designed, created, and is taught by CBAP certificate holders to help others focus on the critical areas to study and to provide insights into the exam.



Would you like to be sure that you are best prepared for the CCBA®/CBAP® exam so that you pass the first time?

This comprehensive training prepares you for the Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®) exam, we recommend CCBA® candidates to attend this course as well to be best prepared. We get the most out of your limited study time. The course was developed by experienced CBAPs and focuses on the critical areas. It also provides comprehensive insight into the exam process.

The workshop is up to date and closely based on the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK®) Version 3.0. It contains 50 examples of CBAP® exam questions, among others, and thus offers a very targeted preparation. Thus, you know exactly what to expect during the exam. In addition, we provide you with many useful practical tips and strategies that complement the exercises and documents.


This online crash course consists of 8 modules of 4.5 hours each. The schedule of the courses can be widely adapted. Courses take place e.g. on four days in a row or on consecutive Mondays or Fridays over four weeks. Special schedules or dates can be arranged on request, please ask.

We conduct our online crash courses as Web conferences with a Live CBAP Trainer. To participate you need a Windows PC, a Mac, an iPad or an Android tablet. Audio transmission can be via IP or telephone (via national landline numbers in many countries).

After registration you will receive your individual access data and two reminders shortly before the course sessions. Video recordings of the sessions will be available shortly after the event.

If you would like to get an impression, we recommend attending one of our free webinars. You will find current announcements on our event page.


  • Identify critical principles, activities, tasks, techniques and tips described in BABOK®.
  • Expect the 4 general types of questions that appear in the exam and learn how to answer them.
  • Indicate the key areas of knowledge, their activities, tasks, achievements, and relationships.
  • Assess your ability to successfully complete the exam realistically, through practice exams in each area of knowledge.
  • Deconstruct and understand tricky sample questions through guided discussions after each practice exam.
  • Develop a personal exam preparation strategy using various exam tactics.


Module 1 – Introduction to CBAP® Certification

Overview Certification Process, Requirements, and Registration Tips
CBAP® Exam Overview
21 proven exam tactics and tips to reduce anxiety and improve results

Module 2 – The BABOK® Framework

7 main fields of knowledge
BABOK® Terminology
Exercise Questions & Review

Module 3 – Business Analysis Planning And Monitoring

Overview, Inputs and Outputs
Planning the Requirements Approach
Identifying and analyzing stakeholders
Decide how requirements are managed and tracked
Assessment of BA activities
Planning BA Communication
Determination of the requirement figures for observation and reporting
Planning techniques
Exercise exam questions and review

Module 4 – Elicitation and Collaboration

Overview, Inputs and Outputs
Preparation of the survey
Implementation of the survey activities
Documentation of the survey results
Confirmation of survey results
Survey techniques
Exercise exam questions & review

Module 5 – Requirements Life Cycle Management

Overview, Inputs and Outputs
Solution scope and requirements management
Requirements traceability management
Management of requirements for further use
Preparation of the requirements package
Communication of requirements
Techniques for requirements management and communication
Exercise Exam Questions & Rückblic

Module 6 – Strategy Analysis

Overview, Inputs and Outputs
Determination of business needs
Identification of capability gaps
Determination of the solution approach
Definition of the scope of the solution
Determination of the business case
Enterprise Analysis Techniques
Exercise exam questions & review

Module 7 – Requirements Analysis and Design Definition

Overview, Inputs and Outputs
Prioritizing requirements
Structuring the requirements
Specification and modelling of requirements
Definition of assumptions and restrictions
Verification of requirements
Validation of requirements
Analysis techniques
Exercise exam questions & review

Module 8 – Solution Evaluation

Overview, Inputs and Outputs
Evaluation of proposed solutions
Assignment of requirements
Assessment of the readiness of the company
Definition of transition requirements
Validation of the solution
Solution performance review
Techniques for solution evaluation and validation
Exercise exam questions & review

Module 9 – Underlying Competencies

Analytical thinking and problem solving
business understanding
ability to communicate
interaction ability
software applications
Exercise exam questions & review

Module 10 – Strategies for the exam

The audit process: what to expect
Learning and examination tips
Development of a personal exam preparation strategy
Discussion of exam simulation strategies for home and online use


Anyone who aspires to pass the CBAP® certification exam and become a Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®).

  • Requirements
  • Prior to attending this course, interested parties should meet the IIBA® requirements of 7500 hours of BA experience, plus a specific minimum of hours per knowledge area.
  • We recommend that you complete the CBAP® exam registration before attending this course, although it is not necessary.
  • We recommend participants to read the BABOK® once as preparation.
  • For optimal benefit from the course preparation, one should be prepared to take the exam within 3 months of the course.


In order to facilitate the absorption of the large amount of information needed to pass the CBAP exam, the course includes a mixture of lecture, discussion, exercises and several practice exams. Be prepared to take practice tests for exam simulation purposes. Discussions will then take place to clarify why answers were right or wrong. Many participants find this one of the most helpful parts of the course. Methods for remembering and retaining knowledge are also taught. In this way, participants are optimally prepared to retain the critical information necessary to pass the CBAP® exam.


BABOK® Guide
Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring
Elicitation and Collaboration
Requirements Life Cycle Management
Strategy Analysis
Requirements Analysis and Design Definition
Solution Evaluation
Underlying Competencies

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The masVenta CBAP preparation course was an eye opener and a reminder for me of the many, but necessary components that are crucial for performing Business Analysis proficiently. Initially, I started the course with the wrong idea of how I should learn for the CBAP. During our sessions, I was able to learn a structured and strategic approach for better understanding the test prerequisites. Rainer Wendt was the course Trainer. He is an extremely competent, articulate and knowledgeable trainer that gives 150%. The course is intensive, but well delivered. I was able to grasp the content, structure, and strategy for studying for the CBAP, and I would definitely recommend that anyone interested in the becoming a CBAP take the masVenta Prep. course first.
Hilton Sullivan, Bayerngas GmbH

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