Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a popular process model for developing innovative ideas. It focuses strictly on the beneficiaries and their needs, requires an empathetic approach and promotes an extremely practical and rapid approach to developing creative, innovative solutions. Learn how to apply Design Thinking in a team in this course.



Design Thinking has been an extremely popular procedure model in the start-up scene for years for developing innovative ideas. It focuses strictly on the beneficiaries and their needs, demands an empathetic approach and promotes an extremely practical and fast approach to developing creative, innovative solutions.
Design Thinking is not a new project management method. It does not result in the implementation of a pre-defined goal, but supports a team in answering the much more important initial question: “What should we implement for whom, how?

Design Thinking combines various creative working techniques and methods in its own process and thus answers this question by gradually gaining knowledge and iteratively reducing complexity. Design Thinking – Finding the core of successful innovations Design Thinking focuses on exploring human needs and creating new solutions. In a process consisting of six steps, you will use typical tools and the mindset of designers. Design in this context does not mean aesthetically demanding, but in a creative way to consider the necessary factors “market”, “implementation” and “need” for a successful innovation.

A Design Thinking project is about that:

– to work out a common understanding of the problem
– to explore reality
– develop a unique view of the problem
– Develop ideas
– to realize solutions in the form of prototypes
– get feedback as soon as possible

Design Thinking is not only suitable for the development of innovative products and services. With the process model, the tools and above all the mindset necessary for this, you can solve a multitude of entrepreneurial challenges, such as optimizing the customer journey, increasing employee commitment or even supporting M&A projects and strategic planning. The possibilities that Design Thinking offers you to achieve progress and ultimately meaningful results are numerous and diverse.


  • Design Thinking – The Process Model
    What is Design Thinking; the process model and phases of a Design Thinking project; structure and process of a Design Thinking project
    (The process steps; two prominent example projects; WarmUps and their meaning; accepting and giving feedback; the meaning of space; time boxing; discussion on design thinking and project management and agile methods)
    Design Challenge
  • Identify and understand problems; observe and get to know situations and people; draw conclusions; generate ideas; develop prototypes; test and validate
    (Before each phase, explain the goals once again and present some of the most prominent tools and methods)
  • Design Thinking in Companies
    Design Thinking in everyday life; Design Thinking in projects; Design Thinking Coaching (basic equipment; Hack your Space; Which projects are suitable and which are not; Persuasion; the role of a coach; external vs. internal coaching; developing your own WarmUps; demos of methods)


In this 2-day seminar you will learn the basics of the Design Thinking process model as well as the most important tools and methods. Furthermore, you will learn which mindset is necessary for a successful application and how this can be learned easily and with a lot of fun.

Attend the seminar if you are always faced with the challenge of developing creative and innovative solutions for complex topics for which classic planning and development approaches are not sufficient. You will experience all the essentials of Design Thinking directly on the basis of your own Design Challenge and also learn how to coach teams in working with the process model and how to put the topic into practice in your own organisation.


  •  Corporate executives
  •  Project managers and project managers
  •  Change Agents / Managers in companies
  •  Method trainers, coaches and experts
  •  Employees in sales or marketing
  •  Employees from innovation departments
  •  Employees in management consultancies


Duration: 2 days classroom seminar. Please make sure you wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

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